The Menu

About our pizza
We do a thin crust, North West style of pizza.  Our dough is simple (water, flour, salt, yeast- no added fats, dairy or sugar), we use the best whole milk mozzarella and imported Pecorino Romano cheeses.  The sauce is a simple crushed tomatoes.  We go light on everything therefore you can sample more pies.  Our dough is hand stretched at the event and baked in our high-heat, wood fired with the end product having the characteristic charring around the edges.

One of the delights of Farm to Forno truck is the ability to sample an astounding variety of non traditional pizza, types you normally would not order on your own.  We have no set playlist; each pizza maker has his own unique mix of classical favorites, crowd requests and his own improvisations as he create a primo pie for your party.

We begin by making a selection of time-honored pies (cheese, pepperoni, ham and pineapple) then some non traditional.   Where we go from there depends on the guests.  Some groups like mostly meat pies, some mainly vegetable.  Most parties are a nice mix-like a good DJ our pizza creators adjust their selection to please the crowd: always trying to keep the party going with making sure there is something for everyone!  We also do take requests, but not everyone’s pie can be the next one up, please be patient and try what we put on the buffet. We will attempt to get to special orders but not until we have fed the crowd first.

Typical Pizzas at an Event:
   Farmers Market (vegetarian)
   Salami and Mushroom
   Mango Pulled Pork
   Bourbon Bacon 
   Wild Boar - We Pasture Raise them on our farm
   Apple Sausage
   Ham and Pineapple
   Four Cheese

Desert Pizzas 
   Wood Oven Pizza topped with  -

   well think Fresh Hot Cinnamon Bun

About Our Berkshire Hog Roasts

We raise our own pork and wild boar on our 40 acre ranch in Columbia Valley.

They are free range pasture raised and fed spent grain from Mission Springs and Hearthstone breweries. 

A minimum 40 kilo Slow Smoked Roast Whole Berkshire Hog served with 40 Creek BBQ sauce & Apple Mango Chutney.

We present and do the carving. Add this to our Pizza menu for an even more spectacular event.