Pizza & Salad
Minimum rate is $1,250 and includes up to 50 guests.
Each additional guest is $15

The buffet includes an assortment of ten or more 

Pizzas with Two Salads.

This is followed our Guey Cinnamon Bun Dessert Pizza.

Add a slow Roasted Whole Hog

Add a Whole Roasted Hog for $1,500

This will accommodate parties up to 125 guests (One Hog)
The ultimate high class red neck buffet dinner. 
A minimum 40 kilo Slow Smoked Roast Whole Berkshire Hog,

Call about the three "P" deal, Pizza, Pig and Pints 778-788-5501 to discuss.

Travel Rates (Round Trip From Yarrow) $75/ hour of travel