Pizza & Salad
Minimum rate is $1,500 and includes up to 60 guests.
Each additional guest is $20

The buffet includes an assortment of ten or more 

Pizzas with Two Salads.

This is followed by dessert pizza topped

with fresh seasonal fruit.

Slow Roasted Whole Hog BBQ

Minimum rate is $3,000 and includes 100 Guests

Each additional Guest is $30

Parties of 100 to 200 (One Pig)
The ultimate high class red neck buffet dinner. 
A minimum 40 kilo Slow Smoked Roast Whole Berkshire Hog,
Texas Style Baked Beans, Pork Belly Potato Salad, 
Creamy Apple Cole Slaw, Homesteader Corn Bread 
served with 40 Creek BBQ sauce & Apple Mango Chutney.  

Travel Rates (Round Trip From Yarrow) $75/ hour of travel